Monday, May 31, 2010

March crisis

Yesterday afternoon Emilee and I were able to join other missionaries serve the village that was hit hard during the crisis in March. It was about a 40 minute drive from where we live. It was wonderful to see all the kids that came to what was being called, "Fun day". This village was attacked by a group of muslim men who came and surrounded these people and killed hundreds of women and children. The village has many physical and emotional scars. The picture below is of the main church that was burned and destroyed during the riot.

There were about 400 children that showed up and we were told that about 150 of them were killed a few months ago. Those that were left behind seemed eager to share their own stories and personal scars. I am most excited to hear that there are ministries going out there on a consistent basis helping those that are left behind deal and manage through their own reconciliation of the heart.

It was a fun day for the children. People brought stuffed animals, donuts and juice. As you can see they brought a jumping castle and they had dancing and singing.

There were some women that were off to the side who were either caring for new babies or were pregnant. I was able to hand them some new baby clothes and blankets.

I think that my favorite aspect of the day was seeing the resilience of a people. A resilience of life and love and joy. Ready to receive but also
ready to give with conversations and smiles and words of encouragement that the Lord is still good and worthy of our praise!

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