Sunday, May 2, 2010

old vs. new

I don't know if you remember a post entitled, "gidan bege". It was of a ministry that we come alongside of to help widows in this area who are learning the trade of tailoring, sewing, etc...

Well, they have recently had an open house showing off their new location. It is such an improvement. I have posted on the last two pictures their "old" place. It was dark, small and rundown. Their new place is bright with lots of natural sunlight, lots of space, their store is in a bigger, open room. Overall, it is really just beautiful. I wanted to show you some pictures of their new location and please know that these women are so aware of their blessed situation.

I have already bought a few items from their new shop and I love that they now have a little dressing room and waiting area. I hope you can come and visit and go to these ladies for a new nigerian outfit, it is worth the time to get there. I don't know if you see the shelf with different fabrics on it, but I just wanted to show you some of the styles that you can choose. I tell you they are not ones to have plain material. I think they might view that as boring. Which is funny to me, but again, just a cultural preference I guess.

The picture of the building is of their new kitchen/dining room location. It is just 20 steps below their workshop. It is very normal to have a separate building for the kitchen. I have noticed that in not only the village, but also their natural houses in town. It is sometimes in a separate location. I think because they use cookers and/or fires a lot, they keep it away from the living quarters. Interesting, huh?

Well, here are your nigeria pictures for the day. Absorb them so you can more realistically picture our lives in Jos. Tomorrow I am going to show you more pictures of our new apartment that John has been building. My parents come in just a couple of days to live here so it needs to be done very soon. Almost there, they just a kitchen and bathroom still and all will be complete. I think those two rooms are overrated anyway.


  1. Wow what a huge improvement for them. that is exciting.

  2. very exciting to see their new work area! PTL

    Many homes in the Southern US used to have separate kitchen facilities as well b/c the heat of cooking in the summer was too intense for the home in general . . . think NO A/C