Sunday, May 16, 2010

futbol or soccer

When we lived in Mexico obviously soccer was a HUGE popular sport. Everyone loves and supports it.
I was surprised to see that it was even more popular here in Nigeria. It is around every field and on school grounds and just about every village you enter.

I think that one of the reasons it is so popular here is because there are not a ton more options to choose from. There isn't any football or baseball or volleyball leagues (there are on Hillcrest campus but that about wraps it up) or golfing, etc... You get the idea. So you give a kid a ball and soccer is played.

Here are just some random snapshots of different times that we have either participated in playing with others or we have just seen a game in the middle. Enjoy a bit of Africa this morning.

P.S. My parents have been here for a week now and they are doing great. I will need to get a picture with them in it. Our oldest daughter Sarah is sick today and will not be going to school, she has actually been sick since Friday, bummer with the flu..... I just wanted people to get a bit of my personal comings and goings as well....


  1. We will pray for Sarah . . . so glad your parents are adjusting! Got home form FL last night . . . Love to all!

  2. hey i want a copy of that picture with me playing soccer in sandals and a skirt...hahaha
    geeze i miss you guys...and nigeria...