Monday, May 10, 2010

a nigerian wedding

This is our dear friend Inchi and his new wife, Rafitku.
They were married this past Saturday and John was asked to be (and I quote), "The Second Best Man"
The picture below is of the processional at the end, everybody dancing their way out. John was as well and he did me proud as the entire ceremony was of different outbursts of dancing, he was an excellent second best man, dancing and all.
The wedding started at ten am, and the ceremony itself finished at 1:30pm. Yes, you heard me correctly, 1:30 pm.
The reception was going to start after the pictures were taken, and it was getting late so the kids and I left to go greet my parents who had arrived earlier in the day and were having lunch with our director's. So, my parents missed the wedding, but were able to have a nice relaxing lunch in a peaceful atmosphere.
I think the wedding was a great learning experience for me. On one hand, I was glad to see how the church body is a lot more intricately involved in each and every ceremony. They were responsible for the decorations, the food, the singing (lots of choirs there), etc... I think there is some great accountability in a marriage that has so many invested in it. On the other hand, how hard to have put so much energy into each and every weekend when someone in your church body gets married. You are talking a full day, that is not even preparation time that goes into that day, for most likely every weekend.
In the end, the kids and I were able to see John jiggy his way down the aisle and that was worth the entire day!!

P.S. And for those of you still following, my parents were able to receive all their luggage on Sunday morning. That isn't so bad, just a 24 hours later than their arrival. At least they have it all!! It is fun having them here as they have transitioned well, time wise and are learning now the cultural ropes of living life in Nigeria. It shows how John and I have come so far...

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