Wednesday, May 12, 2010

our main power source

Haha..... I tricked you, our main power source is Jesus Christ!!! But, ANOTHER power source is this generator down below!! I have stated many times that we receive about an hour to an hour a half a day of electricity from the government, the rest of the time to keep our refrigerator cold and bacteria free (at least mostly anyway) is to power this generator. It is pretty isn't it? We are grateful for the men who invented it and their minds that they chose to use and bring us this wonderful gift. We know that all good gifts from above (James 1:17), so we praise God for the ability to even use this machine.

Now, I have had some people ask about how my parents are doing. They are adjusting. I think they are a bit tired. There is a lot of time and energy the first couple of weeks of just standing in lines to get paperwork filled out, going to many shops and markets to make your house a home, and I think the heat is also an adjustment for them. So far though they have gotten tons done and have even ministered unknowingly to those they have met. Continue to pray for these next couple of weeks and months as they will be figuring out their own routine and ministry routes. We are grateful and the kids are ecstatic to have them here.

One last thought, I am currently listening to a book on my iPod called Prodigal God and I am really convicted of the small line it takes to cross between Prodigal Son and Eldest Son and the similar heart they both have towards the Father. Anyway, just chewing on some of these thoughts and how they pertain to me a lot right now. Good Stuff......

Well, have a great day and I hope since you are not probably in need of a generator for a power source that you are leaning in on the main power source of Christ today. God Bless!

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