Thursday, May 20, 2010

clean for a moment

When we go to OLA, you cannot help but wander into their crib room where four children sleep.
These four are sweet and little which makes them easy attention getters.

My mom and I have been noticing that when you go in to get them their beds and clothes are just wet. They don't use diapers here and so I am sure you just manage these children in the best way you can, along with the cooking and cleaning and the older kids as well. The older ones are usually the ones I see getting them up an putting on their clothes and bringing them out.

So the ministry was able to get their hands on some diapers in a couple of sizes and was able to diaper three of the four. It was sad to see the beginning stages. They were all wet and they had real need for clean clothes. I was grateful because just a couple of weeks ago Gus's teacher had handed me some baby clothes and asked if we could use them for this home. So, we went from child to child and picked them up, removed their soiled clothes, diaper them and then put on something fresh and clean. In the end, it felt soooo good to hold them, love on them, snuggle with them.
As we were done with our time there the caregiver, Evelyn, communicated that she was about ready to bathe them. I felt sad thinking then the diapers would come off and the clean clothes would come off and then they will be back to how things were within a few hours.
As much as that burdens me, I do know that it is still good to have them be clean for a moment. I think it can become disheartening to know it is so brief of a moment or time where things are all good, in my eyes. But, I believe strongly that it is worth every moment and season and that these moments add up to something, somewhere and it will impact someone, even if that someone is me.

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