Wednesday, May 25, 2011

permanently temporary

Well, we are officially moving to our permanently temporary home this weekend. As a family, we are all excited for the final phase of our transition process.

Okay, so I just tried uploading the photo to this blog and no matter where I live, I am still not savvy in computer technology. SO, no picture. Sorry.

Either way, my sister-in-law is coming in town this weekend (we are currently staying in her house) and we are going to stay to be with her and then on Monday.... officially start sleeping there.

Today has been good. I am studying idolatry in my life. While thinking about moving, I am trying to daily and momently give to the Lord the desire to have..... to have a couch.... to have a home.... to have a something cute and quaint.... None of these things are bad and I realize that... but what is ironic is sometimes when you don't have, you can idolize... and want.... and think it is "right" for you to have and want.

Ughhh.... anyway, so while transition can be hard, it forces the moment by moment need for Christ and also the awareness that in Him I am sufficient and all my needs are met.

Okay, on another side note... wow, I become really random without focus, huh?
My kids have been doing Bible with me over the last few weeks and I just gave them a test over Titus. They can, if asked, tell me the two major themes of this book of the Bible and tell me the difference between rebellious men and overseers and elders. It has been fascinating to me to see their ability to pick things up so quickly....

Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here is the deal!

Okay, so here is the deal. I am finding it really hard to justify this blog with pictures of the kids and I doing different things here in the USA.... you know what I mean? Not quite so impactful I would imagine for the most of you....

SO, I was considering stopping, but I do want to share some of our transition thoughts, but maybe in the midst of what I am learning through Gospel Transformation. What do you think?

Knowing that, I would imagine that some of you might find this your last time visiting "John and Corrie Guckenberger Family" blogsite. I understand and would maybe do the same if I were you.

BUT, if some of you are interested still, just know that I am going to be trying to blog around three times a week about "Gospel Transformation" and the impact the bible study has had on me. At the same time I will be sprinkling bits and pieces of our family, our future and where God is leading.

First, just know that this week I am all about learning "idolatry" and the many faces it wears in my life. It is not a pretty picture. More to come. Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hey there to the perfect world

Hi everyone,
Here are just some random photos of my family. We went 4 wheeling while in NC and I have decided that I enjoy most being outside: hiking, picnicing, smelling the flowers and just feeling the breeze. It has been gross here and so I am missing the outdoors, but I know it won't be much longer.
In my fairy tale world of perfectness (meaning money isn't an issue and neither are my character flaws) I would like to live in a home in the middle of tons of land and then I would make my own garden and work the land. Yes, in this world, I don't get tired of picking weeds. In this world, we have the funds to buy a 4 wheeler and own about 30 acres.

Do you ever find your thoughts going to your world of perfectness? Because people would come to this property and feel loved and welcomed and eventually know Christ (if they didn't already) in a real way. It would be people's moment of peace before they enter their life again.

Oh well. have a great day. Enjoy the day we do have, perfect or not.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

orphan care stateside

Well, we have slowly begun to find a new rhythm for our family. John is in the office, I am taking the mornings to homeschool the kids, we are reconnecting gradually with friends and family and we are clothed and fed each day. Who could ask for more, correct?

It has been a strange realization for John and I how different it is to be working indirectly with orphan care verses "hands on" directly with these children. It isn't bad, just different. With John being in the office, I can tend to feel a bit removed. We have spent our last six years working together in another country, learning to communicate in a way that shows us as partners in our day in and day out routine. We are having to readjust our talk, reevaluate what our time is spent on and recognize the need for other time commitments during this season.

John is in the office doing behind the scenes work: helping the missionaries on the field by answering questions that come in (insurance, grant policies, etc...) by them, helping move the new office quarters and working on donor relations. Basically, whatever needs come in that he can actually do (the office environment takes a little bit different skill set than his usual building). It is good to see how hard the office works for these children/teens that are pictured. I believe it is actually harder to be here than there. While on the field you are reminded daily that these orphans are real and in real struggle. Here, you are motivated by God's heart for the Fatherless and the knowledge that everyone has their part...and every part is vital to the meeting of the need.

We are grateful to see a more "full" picture of the workings of Back 2 Back and once again feel grateful to be partnered with these individuals who toil just as much as the "on field" staff and yet don't get the immediate realization that a need is being met. They are soldiers in a bigger picture and these children are loved dearly by the Lord no matter where any of us live.

Friday, May 6, 2011

new bible study

Okay, so I know it has been really long since my last post. We are currently working with no internet in the home and so John has been taking the computer in the morning to download our emails and then brings them home to me..... which doesn't leave much time to blog....

We are hoping that will changed real soon.

First things first,

I pray all you mother's out there will feel celebrated and enjoyed.

Second, I don't do this very often, but this time, I just had to:

I am doing this bible study called "Gospel Transformation" and I just wanted to give it a little shout out as it is amazing! It is a 9 month study (so no joking around) all about the gospel transforming every detail of your life. FROM WEEK ONE, I was hooked and usually it takes a few days/weeks for me to get involved excitedly in a study.

I am gathering so far that it will bring you to be VERY aware of your own sin (maybe half of the book which will be about 4 or 5 months of "bummer, I am a serious sinner") to then lead you to all truths that are from the Gospel.... I could really go on and on about things I am learning so far, but for those of you looking for something -- HERE YOU GO!!

If you are looking for a bible study that you can do at your own pace, I highly recommend this one. It is put out by World Harvest Mission.

No pictures, just encouragement....