Friday, May 6, 2011

new bible study

Okay, so I know it has been really long since my last post. We are currently working with no internet in the home and so John has been taking the computer in the morning to download our emails and then brings them home to me..... which doesn't leave much time to blog....

We are hoping that will changed real soon.

First things first,

I pray all you mother's out there will feel celebrated and enjoyed.

Second, I don't do this very often, but this time, I just had to:

I am doing this bible study called "Gospel Transformation" and I just wanted to give it a little shout out as it is amazing! It is a 9 month study (so no joking around) all about the gospel transforming every detail of your life. FROM WEEK ONE, I was hooked and usually it takes a few days/weeks for me to get involved excitedly in a study.

I am gathering so far that it will bring you to be VERY aware of your own sin (maybe half of the book which will be about 4 or 5 months of "bummer, I am a serious sinner") to then lead you to all truths that are from the Gospel.... I could really go on and on about things I am learning so far, but for those of you looking for something -- HERE YOU GO!!

If you are looking for a bible study that you can do at your own pace, I highly recommend this one. It is put out by World Harvest Mission.

No pictures, just encouragement....


  1. Who got you started on ol' Gospel Transformations? I"m finishing up the last chapter this week... it has really been life changing for me!!! Love it and so glad you are digging in! Miss you!

  2. It is so very good. I'm gone and wanna go again. Praying for you. The first 12 weeks are hard but good too. Know what I mean. Love you