Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am aware

Merry Christmas and I pray everyone has a safe and wonderful Happy New Year. This is usually the time John and I send out our "Scroll of Remembrance" but we are finding it hard to get to these details while enjoying family at the same time.
So, for now, just know that as John and I and our children become older I am aware of my desire to be a bit more bold about what I think and feel and I desire to stand a bit more firm on the convictions the Lord has led me to thus far. I believe more and more each day that Jesus died on the cross for me, personally, and I don't ever want Him to doubt my heart and lifestyle of that gratefulness.
I am aware of my own quickness to sin and am also able to "catch it" more and more as I realize a lot of my sin really does come from "You want something but don't get it" James 4:2. That little verse carries a lot of truth in it, doesn't it????
Anyway, gosh see, I cannot multi-task, I need to make my kids sandwiches as we head off to the NC zoo.
Just know that as we head into the New Year my prayer for my family and friends is that we will all become a bit more "Aware" this new year as to our actions and the impact they make on others.
God bless!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

interesting quote

Where you live shouldn't determine whether you live,
but it does.

This was sent to John and I this morning and we loved it because we have found it to be true in a raw sense. I know that Scripture states that our circumstances shouldn't effect our abundant living because we know that no matter where or how we live, the joy of Christ redeeming our lives stays the same. And yet, it sneaks in doesn't it? Living in Africa impacts our "living" for the good and for the bad. It can be easy to compare that the ease of living in the USA would make it so easy to "LIVE" while residing here. But, it can be just as easy to state that the simplicity of African living would make it so much easier to "LIVE" for what is important. Am I correct? The grass is always greener on the other side, right?
It is an eye opener for me because whether we live in the USA or in another country/continent, Christ has redeemed my life. So, as much as I see the rawness of this quote, I want to fight it so I let people truly see the redemption of Corrie by a Savior who loves her personally, no matter what she can contribute to wherever she may live. Cool, huh?

Monday, December 14, 2009

He never changes

Good Morning! I am just sitting in the house while it is super quiet and enjoying the moment of serenity. It continues to be a good visit back, seeing lots of family and friends. It amazes me how time shows itself to move forward quickly and then at other moments, things haven't really changed much at all. For example, people still work out and watch their money and their waistlines, they still desire to buy Christmas gifts for others and still want to connect in relationships. I am still the same in this as well. But then time has moved forward so much in what is out there..... music, shows, movies, gadgets, anything with the little "i" in front of it. Here, I am out of the loop completely and that is a weird sensation. I wouldn't have said I cared a ton about theses items before but not having a clue about it now seems so "old fashioned". Not sure what to do with that thought, but it is out there.
I cannot tell you how much I have grown to understand the significance of the Lord never changing. He is the same today, yesterday and forevermore. That was a good thing to "learn" when I was younger, but as I grow into someone different maybe than before and/or realize that I cannot keep up with how quickly things evolve, I truly take comfort in the idea that God never changes and He wants me to keep up with Him. He desires for me to look to Him when I feel old fashioned or when I am weary or discouraged. He will not change. He will not leave me nor will He forsake me. I won't be left behind, not by him. He will always run after me. There is comfort in that thought for me, as an insecure 37 1/2 year old. Will there ever be an age where there will not be some insecurity awaiting me around the corner? Will I ever feel caught up on technology and entertainment? Do I want to be caught up on all that? Maybe in some ways I do, but ultimately I want to be caught up with Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith. The Alpha and Omega, my Savior and friend.
Have a great day! I need to go, I am meeting someone for coffee.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A family Reunion

It was so encouraging to see more than 100 people show up on a cold rainy evening to hear what God is doing in Jos, Nigeria. We had our first capital campaign on December 8th in Cincinnati and it felt a bit as if I was attending a family reunion. I think that is my favorite character trait about serving in this ministry. Thousands of people have gone to serve at different sites, different times, and for different purposes but many came together that evening and there was an underlying reality that even if I haven’t met you, I know you and a sliver of your heart. I was just reminded that ten years ago, Todd and Beth had their first fundraiser for Mexico in the same location we did for Nigeria, the Snyder Farm. Back 2 Back has been on quite a journey following the Lord and He has done so much that it can be overwhelming to think that He is still at work, moving and stirring and leading us now in Africa as well.

The vision was shared with everyone about where we feel the Lord is asking us to go and it was daunting seeing it unveiled to others. As we unfold the desire to build relationships in the Kisayhip Village and build a host village for us as staff to live next door, I am too aware that it is too big a project for mere man, so I get excited to see God work out the details in His time and in His way. Our desire is to just be obedient to it. We are so grateful for everyone who came a couple of nights ago and encouraged and supported us and are cheering us on. That is truly what family should feel like.

It reminds me that as John and I are traveling and seeing different family and friends, I want to encourage, support and cheer them on because after all, it is family.

Friday, December 4, 2009

i did it again

Look, I did it again, I could do this all night just because all three of these entries took literally 5 seconds in all.....
I am addicted

just real quick

Can I tell you how fun it is to post a blog with a picture and it just takes about 2 seconds instead of 5 minutes or more.....


we're home

Well, we have made it home, and have taken a couple of days to transition (it used to be enough, but John and I are getting older, ughhhh.... I think a few more days are needed) and have traveled up north to Cincinnati.
I am now sitting in a quiet home waiting for John to return from picking up his brother and family from the airport.  It is nice.
John and I have fallen immediately back into the life of the United States.  I am actually surprised at how easy it is to transition in between these two cultures.  I was waiting to be overwhelmed, and maybe I still will be, but at this point, the only thing we marvel at are the road conditions.  We are LOVING driving on nice roads with people who abide by driving laws (for the most part) and not feeling anxious about getting hit.  We actually have to remind ourselves that it is okay to go out at night.  Isn't that funny?  
We are also realizing how much our standards have dropped in a lot of areas.  I think that is really good for us and so we are really enjoying all the creation here and are super grateful for people who are helping us out while in town.  For example, someone has lent us their van for the entire six weeks (which includes driving from OH, NC and FL), people are letting a family of five stay with them while we are traveling (not as easy as you might think), borrowing of tooth brushes because I forgot or the lending of winter clothes because we don't need them outside of being here for these weeks.....  the list can go on, but it is truly in these moments we look around and feel extremely humbled by the body who has made choices alongside of us to support us through the "long distance" and the "up close and personal".  Thank you.  
Today as John and I were driving up North, I became so excited to see everyone!!   How fun, huh?  
The phone is ringing so I must go....
The picture on top is of an outreach with did with my family and the Munafo's at the village church where we attend.  It was just a gift that we wanted to bless the church members with for their harvest season.  It was great to see my parents serve.  I know they have a lifestyle of serving, but I have been out of the house for so long now, that it is just a joy to see my kids serve with them and absorb all our different personalities coming together to serve those around us.  Anyway, I really must go......

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, we as a family, are sitting in the Frankfurt airport, waiting for our next flight.  We just flew 8 or so hours from Nigeria, over the Sahara Desert into Germany.  I found myself full of thought as we were leaving.  
This was the longest we have ever been away from the USA.  Even when living in MX, we would at least make a trip to TX.  It is a strange thing.  I actually found myself liking Africa more while flying away.  I bet that is pretty typical, it always looks better when you are not in it, right?
But, I was reminded that living in Africa is living my dream.  I think there have been three things that I have felt the Lord calling me to and living in Africa and touching the dirt was and is one of them.  So, flying away from it, I feel blessed and I think that is part of God's plan.  Reminding me of what He is doing there so I will desire to return in six weeks.
God is soooo wise.....
See hopefully some of you soon.
God Bless and Happy December.