Friday, December 4, 2009

we're home

Well, we have made it home, and have taken a couple of days to transition (it used to be enough, but John and I are getting older, ughhhh.... I think a few more days are needed) and have traveled up north to Cincinnati.
I am now sitting in a quiet home waiting for John to return from picking up his brother and family from the airport.  It is nice.
John and I have fallen immediately back into the life of the United States.  I am actually surprised at how easy it is to transition in between these two cultures.  I was waiting to be overwhelmed, and maybe I still will be, but at this point, the only thing we marvel at are the road conditions.  We are LOVING driving on nice roads with people who abide by driving laws (for the most part) and not feeling anxious about getting hit.  We actually have to remind ourselves that it is okay to go out at night.  Isn't that funny?  
We are also realizing how much our standards have dropped in a lot of areas.  I think that is really good for us and so we are really enjoying all the creation here and are super grateful for people who are helping us out while in town.  For example, someone has lent us their van for the entire six weeks (which includes driving from OH, NC and FL), people are letting a family of five stay with them while we are traveling (not as easy as you might think), borrowing of tooth brushes because I forgot or the lending of winter clothes because we don't need them outside of being here for these weeks.....  the list can go on, but it is truly in these moments we look around and feel extremely humbled by the body who has made choices alongside of us to support us through the "long distance" and the "up close and personal".  Thank you.  
Today as John and I were driving up North, I became so excited to see everyone!!   How fun, huh?  
The phone is ringing so I must go....
The picture on top is of an outreach with did with my family and the Munafo's at the village church where we attend.  It was just a gift that we wanted to bless the church members with for their harvest season.  It was great to see my parents serve.  I know they have a lifestyle of serving, but I have been out of the house for so long now, that it is just a joy to see my kids serve with them and absorb all our different personalities coming together to serve those around us.  Anyway, I really must go......

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  1. Hey Corrie,
    I read you blog and I love your stories. Let me know if you need anything while you are in Cincy. Dylan and Gus are probably about the same size and I have plenty of clothes if you need anything at all. Enjoy your visit!
    Rebecca Mills