Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am aware

Merry Christmas and I pray everyone has a safe and wonderful Happy New Year. This is usually the time John and I send out our "Scroll of Remembrance" but we are finding it hard to get to these details while enjoying family at the same time.
So, for now, just know that as John and I and our children become older I am aware of my desire to be a bit more bold about what I think and feel and I desire to stand a bit more firm on the convictions the Lord has led me to thus far. I believe more and more each day that Jesus died on the cross for me, personally, and I don't ever want Him to doubt my heart and lifestyle of that gratefulness.
I am aware of my own quickness to sin and am also able to "catch it" more and more as I realize a lot of my sin really does come from "You want something but don't get it" James 4:2. That little verse carries a lot of truth in it, doesn't it????
Anyway, gosh see, I cannot multi-task, I need to make my kids sandwiches as we head off to the NC zoo.
Just know that as we head into the New Year my prayer for my family and friends is that we will all become a bit more "Aware" this new year as to our actions and the impact they make on others.
God bless!

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