Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome Back to Nigeria, Africa!!!

Welcome Back to Nigeria, Africa!!

So, being away and back again has caused me to realize that our blog may be some people’s only avenue to experience and see Africa. So, one of my resolutions will be to daily (as long as we have power) post up a picture of things we see on a day in and day out basis. I did have many people tell me they wanted more pictures, so in an effort to do this, I will start doing one a day.

Now, I am not saying I will remove all spiritual insights that the Lord shows me, but I am saying that I will try to get you followers a bit of life here while at the same time adding other things too.

So, here is our first blog entry since we have been back to Africa and I hope you can start to get a feel of what life looks like living in Jos (the town in which we reside). My friend, Laura, asked me what is the first thing you see when you step outside of your front door. So, I thought I would start with that as my first picture. And, I tell you what..... it was a good day to start....

The bottom picture is literally what I see when I walk outside my door. The trash can to the right that is brown is where we have to burn our trash. You can imagine that when it is burning, it pretty much comes into our windows. Yes, that is fun. Okay the top picture is of a rat that was killed last night on our property by one of our guards (have I mentioned how much I like them?). As John and I were thinking yikes this is the biggest rat we have seen, he and the other guard were telling us that they were going to skin it and cut off the head and make "pepper stew" out of it. What was most interesting to me is that I have seen pepper stew offered on different menus here and I have almost ordered it thinking it sounded good. Thank goodness, I have learned what that really is now.

I hope you enjoyed this picture and a little bit of what life looks like. I am excited to show you more and more what we witness and experience. Oh, by the way, Gus could not have been more excited to see it and watch them skin it and put it up on our roof to dry. Our guard also said he killed it with a slingshot and that they are, and I quote, "these are found like the sand in our village, they are everywhere."


  1. Oh I am so excited to have that mental picture of what you see when you walk out your door! I could live without the rat though! LOL

    It was an immense joy to see you all while you were here. The kids have grown so much and I will have to admit that Africa fits you as well as you fit Africa .... it 'becomes you' spiritually!

    Love you guys!
    PS - you'll have to get your guard to teach Gus how to use that slingshot!

  2. I love the pictures! I can't wait to see your home in person this summer! Missing you and praying for you!

  3. Please wait for my version of "Pepper Stew"

    Great blog entry!

    Love to you all, see ya in a few weeks.

    Pop & Eileen

  4. seriously?! don't tell me these things! yuck! i used to like nigeria! :)