Sunday, January 17, 2010

around town

Good Evening!!
So, I am excited to show you today's pictures because they are real life for me and very common. okay, the first picture on top is (and I promise I am not lying) where all of our furniture in our home was made. If you remember yesterday's pictures of our home, none of that was purchased in a shop, it all had to be created by us and made by this super kind believing gentlemen named Goliston. He actually mentors older boys in the skill of carpentry and he is just a neat man who loves the Lord. We are grateful for him and for the ability to send work his way. There are these type of shops set up all over Jos.
The second picture is of government housing. Not government housing that we would picture in the USA, but for anyone working in the government (police, etc...) they get housing, and people are usually put in apartment style homes.
The bottom picture is just a common road scene that I took on our way to church this morning. You can see a clothing stand where anyone can buy clothing if you don't get it made (which we get ours made - it honestly is just cleaner and easier). There is also street vendors in that picture behind, but it is kind of a far picture. I will get better ones for you.
Anyway, just more life for you. Blessings!

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  1. Wow!

    The government housing looks like any apartment complex in the US(well, from this distance anyway)!

    Don't mean to ask a dumb question, but we had our bank account compromised this year and the detective helping us talked about how people will gain access to card numbers, etc and use them to purchase goods and have them shipped third party to Nigeria to sell... apparently *most (many, some, I don't really know) shipping companies will not ship to Nigeria because of corruption (ummmm, from 'within' if you KWIM).

    Do you see that where you live?