Saturday, January 16, 2010

a little bit of home

The top picture is of our main room, the next two are our kitchen (you will notice our "store" is full of bins - to keep the mice away) and the last is the kids bathroom. Nothing fancy, but we call it home.
This is probably a traditional city home. The Nigerian kitchens are smaller, so much more than those in the USA. In the village, of course, they live in huts that you might picture when you think of Africa. I will get some of those pictures on a different day.
Sorry to be so short, but I am helping the kids with their science projects. Ughh.... not my specialty.


  1. thanks for the pictures! its totally different than what i imagined but i like it!!!

  2. You are so gracious to open your home to all of us! I love it! The tile reminds me of Mexico, and the green curtains add a nice touch of color.

    I like the diamond pattern on the windows .... is it a stretch for me to assume they are bars? They look like old English leaded glass with the sheers covering them!

    Thanks again for sharing the more 'mundane' side of Africa! It isn't that I pictured you living in a mud hut (although the thought DID cross my mind when you first mentioned moving to Jos), it's that I couldn't picture you all anywhere other than Monterrey!

    Praying for a productive season for you all!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Love to see your home :)