Tuesday, January 26, 2010

other family

Here is a picture of John holding Peyton. Peyton is about eight months old and she is the first child of Jason and Emilee, our director's here in Nigeria. She is super cute and almost everyday my kids try to overstimulate her with their constant affection and "love". This reminds us that the Lord provides other family for us even when our blood ones are not around. Uncle John thinks that the harder you pat a baby on the back, the better it is..... I think Peyton is finally getting used to him and is now liking it (at least I think so.....hehehehehehe), and she is too young to say otherwise.....

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  1. John and Corrie,
    I am beyond excited as our group's plans come together for our July trip. I absolutely cannot wait to get there.
    with great anticipation,
    renee clifton
    corrie, please email me your email address in case I have questions...thanks