Sunday, January 24, 2010

the leaving of a group

So, today is a day of another goodbye as Dr. Emmanuel Itapson's seminary students left to go back home. He had nine students taking a class that brought them here and while they were here they had lots planned. They were to meet different chiefs and engage leaders of three denominations, visit refugees, discuss with a panel of professors about doing theology in Africa, see first hand pastoral care issues, etc... However, as their week unfolded the conflict in Jos took place and it became more obvious that God was scheduling their days and nights.

What a blessing to have this particular group here while all was going on. They were able to filter all that was seen and heard and see "first hand" the reality of a third world country under duress and the effects that has on the people and has had on the people for generations. They were an encouragement to us as staff and to the people who they met. The bottom picture is of the group with our pastor and a couple of deacons. The top picture is of the dinner that was eaten last night. This time it is not goat, but it is lamb. I was asking the man who was preparing it about the process. Just so you know....... it was alive in the morning, they slit the throat and let the blood drain out, cut off the head and skin it (besides the tail that still had the wool on it - which the man told me he saved it for me personally), then sure enough, cut it up into pieces, grill it and you have yourself a wonderfully delicious dinner. It was a beautiful night as the sun shone with a nice breeze that surrounded us.

We had the privilege of hosting this group one night at our home and we were so blessed by conversation that was focused around what the Lord was doing in all of our lives. Gosh, people you only met a few days ago and yet we were all so raw in words and emotion and the Spirit was present providing energy that might have felt like was otherwise gone. Dr. Itapson ended the evening with having his students praying for us and again, we were humbled by God's goodness. If any of you are reading this, thank you for being here and serving God. For the rest of you, come and visit and taste something yummy on the grill yourself.


  1. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!
    Ps 34:8

    While the preparation sounds bloody and crude, it must have been such an honor to be the recipients of such a feast! Praying that God continues to bless your ministry!

  2. Wow, thank goodness the food queen in MTY doesn't have to prepare meals like that!! Can't wait to see you, maybe we can throw some nice petting zoo animal on a screen and eat up!!!