Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gidan Bege

One of the ministries that our ministry tries to support is Gidan Bege. It is basically a ministry that teaches and trains widows how to sow. They undergo a year of discipleship that teaches them the Word and trains them and gives them a place to stay and what children they may have. After that year, they are given the gift of a sowing machine and encouraged to go back their village to start their own shop. It is amazing what these women can do. Now, realize this is coming from a woman who can BARELY sow on a button. But, we all play our part in the bigger picture......hehehehe
We take groups there when they arrive to buy skirts, aprons, purses and bags, journals, etc... And they also make whatever you want if you come in with an idea. These ladies have personally made all of our curtains in our home and our throw pillows and whatever nigerian clothes we have, they have made. We are blessed by them in friendship and in their giftings and talents.
The pictures are of their working area (you will notice nothing is done with power) and their little shop where they sell their items and of their "office" where they keep extra material you can buy and where they store the items made until you return to pick it up. One thing I find interesting is their location where they are currently living, in past, was once a brothel. How cool is that this ministry bought it and has now redeemed what was once used as evil and is now being used for good. I love the idea that God can even redeem land. I look forward to when you come visit us, that you too, can buy something in this little shop.

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  1. Those bags/purses look so awesome!!! Can't wait to hear from you guys!