Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's getting hot here!!

The flowers and bushes you see were a gift to me last year for my birthday and Mother's day! My husband's dad and wife were here to celebrate it with us and they even helped pick out and plant. I promised them I would take a picture every now and then and post it so they could see the fruit of their efforts. Sorry, it has been 9 months or so, but here they are..... growing, thriving in this heat.

I have to admit, in the midst of this heat and everything is turning brown in the area, these blooms are so beautiful to me. All of these pictures are taken around the house, so it can maybe also give you a good idea of our little compound. The second picture down, the one of the tree and three bushes, that is the one I am most excited about..... just picture it later on when they are grown and we put a picnic table back there and a huge umbrella (we found one here we could buy.... if John will maybe do it for my birthday this year and mother's day, it will take some persuasion).... Can you picture a little refuge from the heat.....

Okay, without complaining, just being honest, whewwww.... it is getting hot here. Did I already say that, oops. It has gotten to the point that we are sleeping on top of our sheets and the air seems stagnant. We have bought floor fans before, but with that you need power and the ones we did have burnt out.... (for the record, again, not a complaint - we are going on day five or six with no power). We are learning that we just need to get used to it, but I tell you what...... A little breeze would be nice. Okay, again...... I digress..... aren't the flowers pretty in their own way????


  1. and you said you didnt have a green thumb!!! you will probably have a forest growing before long!!

  2. We had 8 inches of snow in Burlington Friday night, tonight it is raining and it might freeze over. Hard to imagine how hot you all are :( Sorry