Monday, February 1, 2010

schooling in Kisayhip village

Meet Meshach (4th picture down). He is twelve years old and he does not know how to answer the question, “What do you want to do or be when you grow up?” He lives in the Kisayhip Village where Back2Back ministers. We are learning he is not unusual in not being able to answer this question. He stands to be the normal in this rural upbringing with the limited education that the government provides. When we first moved here in February, the public schools were on strike and remained that way until October of that same year. There are many reasons why the school system goes on strike, not any of them benefit the child, but this is the system where most village kids have their only option, and are daily being left behind in their learning.

As a ministry we desire to provide free supplemental education through a tutor program throughout their school week to the children in Kisayhip, whom the village community feels is in the most need. We are also going to give the community an opportunity to help with the children’s basic needs, like food. We have a new staff couple joining us, Will and Theresa Reed, and they both will be instrumental in our relationship with this village. Theresa is joining us to help us meet some of these education goals and Will is joining us to deepen our relationship within the village. We are so grateful and excited to have them a part of the what God is doing here in Jos, Nigeria.

This past Christmas season the Vineyard Church family and the Daniels family sponsored a fundraising idea of “Simplifying Christmas”. As the students simplified, their money they chose not to spend, is going towards building an “education center” where this tutor program can begin. We are so grateful for others who have joined us in taking the next step in showing the children there are opportunities and they can dream. God has something for Meshach, and not only do we believe it is possible, but we want to come alongside him and help him in any way we can.

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