Saturday, February 13, 2010

richly blessed


This blog entry will not be for the faint of heart or for the lover of animals as this material is published.

Today was such a fun day! It began with a trip to the local zoo with some children from OLA (Our Ladies of Apostles), one of the children’s homes we minister alongside, and the team of men who are here and the staff families. I had never been to this zoo before and it didn’t disappoint. I am learning, that only in America, can you not walk right up to the lion’s cage and see a mama and a papa lion protect its young (it truly was a ferocious thing to behold) from the zoo man who they saw as a threat. And only in America will a camel not walk right up to you and ask for food and then proceed to follow you around. And, last but not least, perhaps maybe only in Africa can you pay a super small amount to watch two live bunny rabbits being dropped into a Python pit and then screech loudly to their death as the Python squeezes the life out of them. All within an hour…..

After the fieldtrip was complete we took these precious children back to the group compound, where the men are staying and had a great Celebration dinner. There were dancers, a lamb grillout and some other traditional Nigerian food. As you can see by the picture of the lamb skin, it was freshly killed that morning. But, I think the most fun thing was seeing the dancing that was taking place. I tell you what, even the men got out there (it might have taken a bit of urging from the dancers themselves) and grabbed some kids hands and we all had a ball. I love the idea that these children were able to for one day have a “normal” child day. Not only were their hands held and a snack given, but the focus was them and how the Lord loves these little ones. He absolutely adores these children. His son died on the cross for these children. He has promises to be filled for these children. And I had an opportunity to be a part and am so grateful I did.

The day showed itself to have laughter and fun and exhaustion and conversation and family and friends and the realization that most of the time the Joy we receive in Christ comes from giving to others what we have been so richly given.


I know this is a marketing holiday, but I still like the idea that it is an obvious excuse/reason to remind those that you care about that you love them and you want them to know it. We could not do much this year for our kids, but they will wake up in the next hour to some HUGE red, heart-shaped balloons in their room, and they will know that even in the midst of ministry and schedules, we love them and cannot wait to spend the day with them.


  1. Corrie,
    Why no mention of Brian's country/Nigerian dance? It may have been the most frightening moment of the day!

    John and John (Your friends at PETA)

  2. I love the irony of seeing animals live for fun and then eat one freshly killed for dinner that night. I guess we all do it sometime, it just seemed funny to me. Is Brian's country/nigerian dance like his dancing in the car to Taylor Swift? Happy Valentine's Day to your whole family. We miss you.