Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a new beginning

These are the guys who have infiltrated our lives over the last two weeks. You know, when a group shows up and serves alongside of you and works with you through the ups and downs of Africa living, you start to become familiar with their faces and energies that you can almost not remember how life was before they came.
Today is their last day. They will be missed on many levels. It has been a huge jumpstart for John and Jason, to just get going and moving forward on some projects and to hear their input on how things could be done.
They are going on a "hike" or a climb would maybe be the better word for today. It mostly is a last moment to reflect on what has been going on while they have been here. We know that physically things were started, moved forward and some things were completed. We are also very aware that spiritually some things were moved forward in us and some things were started and some spiritual truths were brought to completion in us (at least for the moment). It is these thoughts and ideas that we don't want to miss, in any of us. I am praying for their time of reflection and their time as men to enjoy a day in Africa that will not happen again for them, not in this way, with these specifics.
Tomorrow when they leave, it will be a new beginning. A new one for them as I am sure they are leaving different than when they arrived. And a new one for us as we have been impacted by each and every one of them. We thank all the wives who allowed their husbands to be on loan to the staff in Africa. Their sacrifice was felt and we were encouraged by it.

This family is a part of the Falani tribe here in Africa. The men daily as they would drive to the Oasis house would drive by this hut and these people would be doing different acts of service and life. One could become so familiar with them that you forget they are there, but they are there and we love being able to slowly build a relationship with them. Jason shared last night that for the first time, one of the boys came up to here and initiated a conversation, then said goodbye and went his way. Maybe another new beginning. We will see.

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  1. Corrie,
    Thank you for this beautiful blog. My name is Anne and my husband is Mark. I met you in Mexico about 2 years ago when we came and delivered Cabi clothes. Thank you for opening your home and showing these men a truly enlightening and spritual jouney. Mark has send us some amazing stories and I can tell though his emails that this experience has changed his life. Hope our paths cross again someday.
    God Bless,