Monday, February 15, 2010

A sabbath's day of rest

This is the road right outside of our gate. Someone has donated some funds to help us with our road. It is extremely hard to drive on, especially after rainy season. I wanted you to see the "Before" picture so you can then see the "After" picture and realize how hard the men worked.The picture below is in the same spot, and look no mounds. They worked hard and in the middle of the heat of the day as well. Thank you men for your extra mile. It was an encouragment.
The picture below is the mid way point, we even had our children out there for a bit..... They were able to have the luxury of being able to go inside and play whenever they wanted though

Oh, bummer, I had so much more here, but our power went off and I lost literally 3/4 of it and I want to cry. Just know, it had lots in there of ministry, the men and their sabbath and how they chose to encourage and serve us, and how God ends each day, no matter how it went and then we get the blessing of a new day......

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