Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One year later

Yesterday morning was the first bible study for this new series on the holy spirit we are going to be looking into. I wish I could describe to you how much I thoroughly enjoy these women, and to be honest, women studies in general are so uplifting to me. Better than high schoolers anyway????!!!!! Okay, I am really only kidding, because I do enjoy high schoolers, but I do enjoy women groups more.

Eleven of us women met in my home to start the study, Living Beyond Yourself, by Beth Moore. I looked around the room as some of us were sharing how we were doing spiritually since our last study (The Psalms) and again, I sat in Awwww of how I could actually be living across the world and in my living room sat nigerian women who are desperately trying to love the Lord as I am. I could have began weeping at my feelings of privilege to be able to be there. I have the utmost respect for these ladies and I am counting them amongst my friendships here in Jos. I am also grateful for the Spirit's ability reminding me to not take my living here for granted. I love that I can still, one year later, feel energized by the ministry of the nigerian women here. For the record, one year ago today, we left for our African journey.

Oh, and also, it is our good friend, Chad's birthday today and he is here to celebrate it with us. Thanks for being here Chad and Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. hey....high school kids are amazing...most of the time!! But I know what you mean about ministering to and with women. It is a priviledge. You are amazing and inspire me Corrie!! Thanks!