Sunday, February 7, 2010

knowledge does not equal desire

I had an ahaaa moment a couple of days ago. I was having a conversation with some people about my kids science fair projects the other day and they were commenting about my lack of desire for helping my children. They were poking fun because I was an environmental science major in college so I should have so much knowledge about different types of ideas, etc...
It hit me at that moment that shows itself to be true of me in other areas as well, for example, I do know how to cook, but it doesn't mean I desire it or get excited about it, etc... I don't enjoy it, but sometimes people take that as I don't know how to do it.......
What I am getting at is this frame of mind that I have somewhere acquired, can be an american mindset. I don't enjoy something; therefore, I don't do it. I have realized that this mindset is truly a luxury, and it not understood everywhere. For example, sometimes I feed my guards food, and I always want to know what they "like" and what they don't "like". Also, I am constantly asking them questions about their schooling. "Do you like your class?" "Are you excited about doing this later on?" Yadda, yadda, yadda......
They have ALWAYS responded to me the same about every single one of the questions.... "It is food, we like it" , or "It is my class, I like it". They are thrilled to gain knowledge because they are gaining knowledge. They haven't had the luxury growing up with a variety of foods. They eat what has been given and they buy what they can afford to eat. End of discussion. Their luxury is going to a class at all.

Their excitement is getting food prepared for them. They don't go further with "I don't feel like it today, so if I get around to going to class, I will" They go to school, they study and learn. They eat what is given and are thankful and grateful.

If they could rub off on me in this area, I think I could really benefit from this idea.
Okay, the second thing I wanted to share is that the men's group (The block boys) arrived safely last night and we are so excited that they have arrived and have chosen to come and serve alongside of us these next two weeks. The picture above is of the donation of tools they brought for the ministry..... before you ladies think, "Oh, poor wives, they didn't receive anything fun".... There were a few wives of these men who were able to tuck away a few sweet little gifts for us as well. Thank you for the blueberries and the lotions and candle, journals, etc... They were a nice surprise....

God Bless.


  1. Corrie, you received blueberries, fresh? Ahhhh, God bless these women. Good thoughts today. God is teaching me a lot on contentment in everything.

  2. was this a stab at me because i gave you a cookbook for chirstmas?! just kidding! :) i like your thoughts and honesty. and i love that i can name the tools the men are holding in the picture!

  3. Very thought provoking Cor, loved what you said about knowledge doesn't equal desire.