Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Good Morning! So last night's blog was kind of small, I was wiped out. I have started coaching the long distance high school track team runners. The first one was this past Monday. It was pretty awkward, I must admit. Imagine if you will, being the only (middle age at that) woman amidst 5 young, strong nigerian men (the other coaches). Plus, a bunch of high school students who pretty much think you (meaning me) don't know anything.
I tell you what, high schoolers are rough. They weren't mean or anything, they just didn't care. Anyway, the first practice is complete and we meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So, here is to being in shape in the middle years of life.
The above picture is of one of Gus's good friends, his name is Katwahl. He is a great guy and he is in fourth grade with Gus.


  1. Katwahl. Gotta love that name. Corrie, they only want you to think they don't care. They are watching and learning, believe me. They are lucky to have you and learn from you.

  2. I lead Young Life with high schoolers and middle schoolers who pretend they don't care. Believe me, they do. :)