Friday, February 26, 2010

a couple of sites lately

Good Morning from Nigeria. Here are a couple of pictures. One is of the track at Hillcrest school. I spend my Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons there with five teenagers (those are the number of long distance runners I personally work with) who have their first track meet this Friday and then only one more on the 20th of March. The thing I have enjoyed the most with these five are the moments I am able to talk to them about the parallels with their distance run with their walk with Christ. It is so fun for me to pass this on because a lot of my spiritual growth insight has come from my distance runs and I think there is so much to be learned by taking a moment to just train our thoughts in that direction. At first, they were a bit confused why I was bringing it up with each session. I do believe however, they are now catching on that I want to not only coach them for their meets, but I want to train them with their walks and how to persevere through the distance race of life. I love it! Now, if I can just get them to not ignore me at school when they see me (hehehehehee). Oh well, at least on the field I have their attention. Strange having a season that is so short and then cut even shorter because of the crisis earlier this year. Either way, this is common scenery for my eyes.

The other photo is of Evelyn's shower. She is at the end of the table and she is due in about one week. I think she is one of the neatest women I have met here. It is not common for women to throw baby showers here. Emilee had fun games planned and good food and I was glad to be a part of bringing a bit of America into this land. I like the celebration we offer to new mothers and I hope they saw the purpose of it as well.....

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  1. Corrie,

    Good luck with the first meet!