Saturday, February 28, 2009

an absence

Hey everyone,
We have officially moved in and with that came a tad bit of discouragement with the realization of the things we really don't have and the awareness of things we brought too much of (like our clothes, at least too many of the wrong things to wear)....
But, on the other hand, we have our own place and it feels good to be figuring out what life can look like for the Guckenberger family.  I have been in the word a lot and in the study it was talking about our circumstances around us are sometimes for us (which maybe that is a no brainer for you, but it is hitting me harder this week) and maybe living here will show me maybe more of what God created me to be, it might even unearth some things that are there that I might not even be aware of at all....  My hope and prayer is that with the loss of my conveniences I might find a different Corrie, a more selfless one I hope, and I can get encouraged and excited about that.
One last thought, with our move to our home, we currently do not have internet, but our hope is to get it in our home within the middle of next week.  So, you might not hear from us for a few days, but please pray as my house still feels like a house and not a home.    Please also pray for us to learn to live life without and know it is not only okay, but good because the truth is We REALLY do LOVE living here!!!
God Bless!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am alive and fiesty

GOOD MORNING!!!   Now,  really it is good in the middle of the evening for you....  I just want everyone who reads this to know (and I know there are 32 of you at least....) that today I am awake, alive and fiesty.....
I have a meeting with the school soon (my first driving alone, and I thought Mexico was bad), then I am off to paint our kitchen (nothing like a bright, high glossy green - we'll seen what that looks like - I will show you because you saw the before picture) and then spray for bugs........
We have a few friends that live with us like cocroaches, big (and I mean huge/big) flat spiders that creep me out, and some kind of termite/ant thing, but they are officially being kicked out today.  At least for a short time until they are smarter than me and come back without asking.  
Today is the first day that I have woken alive and full of energy.  Man, I love it.
We only have two more days living with Jason and he has been more than kind.  I keep threatening that we are staying here forever.....
Well, I wish I had something really profound to say, you know, deep, spiritual heartfelt emotion, but today, just excitement.
Enjoy your day.  Missing you all, but I am thankful that you are with me through blog.
Hey, by the way, does that really mean I only have 32 friends?  That is okay, if that is all, but I was just checking.....
God Bless!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wisdom and Discernment

Wisdom and Discernment... these two words are the first thing on my mind when I wake up and they haunt me as the day goes on and it is probably the last thing on my mind when I return to bed!  
It is new habit for me, to constantly be seeking the Lord at every moment with the daily task before me.  I am talking in every area too.  For example, I wake up and I pray for wisdom and discernment on what should I wear.  If I wear honestly what I want, I might get a better suntan, but most likely offend the people and culture around me.  So, I choose the better and energy is taken...  
Then I go to think about my kids schooling for the day and I pray for wisdom and discernment so they learn what they need to know for the test they need to take.  As I make those choices, energy leaves me a bit as it is new for me to be responsible for their learning. 
When we take a trip into town I pray for wisdom and discernment as to who we interact with and are they muslim/Christian, nice and just looking at us because we are very different looking or is there something else going on behind their faces that I just don't know yet?  
We go to our new home and I pray for wisdom and discernment as to which items on our "punchlist" (a word my husband taught me) should be taken care of first, what is more valuable...  personally, I want a super cute bedroom, one that feels safe and close and warm and inviting, but then I realize we should probably take care of things like a fridge, stove/oven and get some water in there, and again, energy slips by me again.
Wisdom and Discernment is prayed for each and every time we meet someone within the ministry as to the type of relationship this should take on, one of just frienship?  one with purpose?  one that is enjoyable?  Do I share real thoughts or just communicate what is safe and I know okay to share?  
When I blog or email, I pray for wisdom and discernment as to what is appropriate to share, do we share real needs?  do I share in a really "Christian way" -we all know what I mean by that right?  Do I share exactly what I am feeling and thinking?  
So many decisions in the day that used to be familiar and are no longer.  I realize that as today it takes energy from me to do so much seeking.......  "tomorrow" it will eventually become familiar and then it takes me to a place of wow, I really have stopped praying for wisdom and discernment in my everyday tasks....  A place honestly, I guess I don't want to be, right?  OR will it be something like what takes energy today because it is an effort, maybe "tomorrow" won't take energy because it has become a part of my daily Christ-like life?  That is what I want to happen......  That prayer and discernment become a part of what the make-up of Corrie Guckenberger really is..... and her whole family!  That is fun, huh?

Prayer and Financial Needs

Hey, this section is in response to people asking what are our prayer and financial needs.  If you are not one of those people, feel free to skip this posting.   

1.  We are in need of some more one time giving for furniture for our house.  
2.  We are $600 low in our monthly support
3.  Pray as we really try to figure out how to get around Jos
4.  Continued prayer for our ministry relationships, that they become real and Christ-centered
5.  Pray for provision of a personal vehicle
6.  Our kids would each find one good friend
7.  Pray that we can get the water/well/pump to work in our home
8.  Pray as we adjust to not having much power/electricity
9.   That overall funding would be provided for the large task at hand of the new property
10.  Preparation for the design team that comes in March - this design team is to help develop the master plan of the property development at the Kisayhip Village

I think this covers the basis at this time.  I wish every single one of you could be here, living life with us, seeing how different this culture is than anything I have ever experienced.   Even though we continue to put our needs and prayers out there, please know we do pray for all those who have chosen to come alongside of us and our ministry efforts here in Jos, Nigeria.  God is still good and is still in control - this I know....
God Bless!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We dream of Africa

Since I am not quite ready to write to everyone about our everyday life:  living, shopping, everyday happenings (I am still working through it emotionally)......  I would love to give you a glimpse of the hopeful future!!

(This was where a picture was supposed to be, but we cannot find our camera cord at the moment, but trust me I will send one later, and I hope you can see what I can)

I am not one to envision something before it happens.  For example, John can walk into a torn down building and look  at it and see beautiful windows, glamorous paintings and high ceilings of either what was or what could be.  Myself, on the other hand, tend to find myself on the more literal side - deteriorating walls, insect eaten floors and smells of things long gone bad....  
However, when John, Jason and my brother and I walked up these boulders in Jos and Jason showed us the outline of the property that John would soon be reconstructing, I was in awe of the possible beauty.  I actually saw it!  Huge boulders of landscape, people busy working in the shops, or in the future fishery and chicken hatchery.  Lives being lived and transformed daily by the Lord.  Purpose, Hope, a refuge and shelter, Relationships, LIFE...   
I am so thankful for being here.  I actually find myself in tears at any given moment by glimpses caught of what God can and is really do here.  The need is significant and I want to be here to do what the Lord wants.  Now granted, maybe the tears are from longings of conveniences of life, or relationships missed, but I am glad to be feeling something....
Please pray as we continue to blog and figure out our roles here.  I thank you all for helping us get here by either impacting us or praying for us or supporting us financially.  We don't want to be anywhere else.
For those of you still wondering, the kids are doing great and we are enjoying each other.  I promise to write more about our daily lives soon.
God Bless!

Friday, February 13, 2009


We will update everyone more later, but we made it safely and so did all of our luggage!!  Praise the Lord.....
Lots of fun things we are learning already about Nigeria that we cannot share with you!!
Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From John

Time has passed so quickly.  I feel like yesterday we moved to Mexico and now Corrie tells me that we are moving to Nigeria.   I know Corrie has said this, but we are so grateful to everyone for praying especially these last several weeks.  
It has been a struggle at times to see God's sovereignty, but He does have a plan and so much wants my heart to yield to Him.  My friend Chad gave me a CD with some songs on it the other day.  One song really challenged me.   It is called "You Won't Relent".    The song goes on to say that HE (God) "won't relent until He has it all- my heart".  I have not yielded easily lately as I have been challenged with the craziness of this move, but this is my prayer as we transition to Nigeria so that He "can be a fire within me".   Ephesians chapter one talks about how we are His,  sealed by His Spirit- I wan't to live in this truth.  I so much don't want to miss what He has for me so that I can bring glory to Him.   
I will miss Mexico and the relationships especially with the teens in the Hope program.  I don't think I can clearly communicate how great Mexico was for me to use my talents in construction to serve the Lord.  To live this out brings so much excitement and passion in my life, and I pray I will have the opportunity to use these talents in Nigeria.  At first the day to day in Africa will be much different in Nigeria as we wait for funding to come in for the property development.   I'm sure that God is going to work on me in this area by pushing me to take confidence in Him, not my talents.  If you pray, please pray that I would trust God for new relationships and ministry opportunities.   Again, I don't want to miss what He might have for me.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When You Can't Take It With You

Here it is.... the day has come, John and I leave tomorrow morning.  I don't have the energy to say much (even though it has been some time since I have said much at all), but I leave you with 2 struggles:
1.  I want you to look around  your apartment, house, and family and now I want you to imagine packing everything up into twelve, no more than 50 pound suitcases, to take with you to your next location.  Oh, and those twelve are for you and your 4 closest family or friends.....  I know this sounds like a complaint, and I am not meaning it to, I recognize that this is a sacrifice that we are willing to make, and I would do it again..... BUT, I found myself crying over the silliest things, or arguing with John over trivial items because the found themselves on my most valuable list.....
Have you ever thought about what you would take with you, what are really some of the most valuable or meaningful items around you?  I broke it down into three categories:  personal (clothing for me and the family), necessary (some of your basic kitchen items and office items) and then super meaningful, items that will remind you of your humanness when times are a challenge (like pivotal bible studies, special notes from the kids or a few pictures of dear friends).  This have been an emotional trying time.  The good news, it is complete.  We leave tomorrow with the "chosen" ones, leaving about 18 luggage pieces in storage for another trip and 12 that will be sent down with others in the next six months.  At this point, I feel unemotional and dry.....   BUT again, the Lord is good and the sacrifice is worth the joy of obedience!
2.  Did you forget I had two?  I have had some more moments that I would like to call "Burning Bush Moments"....  I have been reminded of Moses standing before the burning bush and the Lord has called him to lead the Israelites out of captivity and Moses says no, no, they won't listen to me, or why would they follow me, send another....  and God ultimately says to Moses, tell them "I AM" sent you... interesting isn't it?  he doesn't say don't worry moses I have trained you well, or no you can do it, just believe in yourself.... He simply says, tell them "I AM" sent you....  So as I look at the huge continent of AFrica and say to myself  no, no, they won't listen to us they don't even know us, or why would anyone trust us, maybe someone else is more qualified  I hear the Lord gently reminding John and I, "don't worry my children, "I AM" is sending you.... and I sense His overwhelming completeness....  I think I would feel better if He would say hey, you have had some good training, or look back at your experience or you know what Corrie, I have gifted you, but I think again that would most likely be a short term peace, not one that is eternal and perfect in all circumstances....  I hope not to lose these burning bush moments as I want to rely not on anything of me, but just know I AM.
I think I need to call it quits tonight.  We leave tomorrow!!!
Thank you for being our friends and family.  We love you!

When You Can