Friday, February 20, 2009

Prayer and Financial Needs

Hey, this section is in response to people asking what are our prayer and financial needs.  If you are not one of those people, feel free to skip this posting.   

1.  We are in need of some more one time giving for furniture for our house.  
2.  We are $600 low in our monthly support
3.  Pray as we really try to figure out how to get around Jos
4.  Continued prayer for our ministry relationships, that they become real and Christ-centered
5.  Pray for provision of a personal vehicle
6.  Our kids would each find one good friend
7.  Pray that we can get the water/well/pump to work in our home
8.  Pray as we adjust to not having much power/electricity
9.   That overall funding would be provided for the large task at hand of the new property
10.  Preparation for the design team that comes in March - this design team is to help develop the master plan of the property development at the Kisayhip Village

I think this covers the basis at this time.  I wish every single one of you could be here, living life with us, seeing how different this culture is than anything I have ever experienced.   Even though we continue to put our needs and prayers out there, please know we do pray for all those who have chosen to come alongside of us and our ministry efforts here in Jos, Nigeria.  God is still good and is still in control - this I know....
God Bless!


  1. Thank you for the helpful information. Looking forward to putting an "A" next to each of these as God answers!

  2. So.... now much and for what? Its pretty clear John wrote this one!!!!!! Corrie would be mlre direct


    D & E

  3. We are praying for you and your needs. God is growing our prayer life by having you all there as well. I didn't expect that.