Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am alive and fiesty

GOOD MORNING!!!   Now,  really it is good in the middle of the evening for you....  I just want everyone who reads this to know (and I know there are 32 of you at least....) that today I am awake, alive and fiesty.....
I have a meeting with the school soon (my first driving alone, and I thought Mexico was bad), then I am off to paint our kitchen (nothing like a bright, high glossy green - we'll seen what that looks like - I will show you because you saw the before picture) and then spray for bugs........
We have a few friends that live with us like cocroaches, big (and I mean huge/big) flat spiders that creep me out, and some kind of termite/ant thing, but they are officially being kicked out today.  At least for a short time until they are smarter than me and come back without asking.  
Today is the first day that I have woken alive and full of energy.  Man, I love it.
We only have two more days living with Jason and he has been more than kind.  I keep threatening that we are staying here forever.....
Well, I wish I had something really profound to say, you know, deep, spiritual heartfelt emotion, but today, just excitement.
Enjoy your day.  Missing you all, but I am thankful that you are with me through blog.
Hey, by the way, does that really mean I only have 32 friends?  That is okay, if that is all, but I was just checking.....
God Bless!


  1. At least your number of "friends" is on the increase :)
    Wonderful to "hear" your vivaciousness today! May He continue to fill your cup.

  2. of course you have more than 32 friends! love it, I can hear a little bit of feisty, fun Corrie in the tone of your email. So so glad things are perking up for you there. You are so bold and brave! what an adventure. have you tried running yet? bet you need a bigger stick there?

  3. just reading that post makes me want to knock someones full, cereal bowl in their face... how fun it is to be fiesty.

  4. If you have 32...now 34, I have 1 and it's not you. What's up with that. Just what in a couple years you'll think What bugs or spiders. How did school go? Praying for you alot.

  5. I just caught up reading your blog since you have been in Nigeria. I am so excited for you and your family. Rob and I were just talking about how we are amazed seeing you and your family over there. I love it. We are praying for you and will keep reading.

    Please hug the kids at CLAF for me. Oh, I love those kiddos. I am so glad you have arrived and are getting settled so quickly.

  6. Still feisty? Cleaning and moving?

  7. HA HA

    I think what it REALLY means is that you haven't emailed all your friends with a link to your blog! I found out through Elke! So get a move on!

    Do you still get emails? If so, I'll have to send you a "God-lesson" I learned between Kaitlyn and one of your earlier posts, it was pretty cool!

    Love the pictures! Keep them coming and know you are in our prayers!

  8. Love to see your enthusiasm. . . even if I am looking out at a rainy Saturday! But everything is right in my world because McKenzie is home for the weekend. . .will keep you covered in prayers. . .remember that You are a daughter of the Most High King. You are TREASURED – do not let anyone, but HIM, get the best of you! Know that you already know that but it makes me glad to be able to send a little bit of encouragement. . .keep posting!
    Love Ya! SD

  9. you know, when you count me as a friend you actually have to count 6 people- we are all looking at your pics and blogs and loving it!!! we saw all the pics up on your bro's fb too. i love seeing where you are. tell me...are you really cooking your food in a pot over a fire outside??? i'm soooo excited to hear about your ministry with women there. don't you feel so loved by God that he has worked that detail out just for you...to feed the passion he placed in you?- i love it!!!