Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From John

Time has passed so quickly.  I feel like yesterday we moved to Mexico and now Corrie tells me that we are moving to Nigeria.   I know Corrie has said this, but we are so grateful to everyone for praying especially these last several weeks.  
It has been a struggle at times to see God's sovereignty, but He does have a plan and so much wants my heart to yield to Him.  My friend Chad gave me a CD with some songs on it the other day.  One song really challenged me.   It is called "You Won't Relent".    The song goes on to say that HE (God) "won't relent until He has it all- my heart".  I have not yielded easily lately as I have been challenged with the craziness of this move, but this is my prayer as we transition to Nigeria so that He "can be a fire within me".   Ephesians chapter one talks about how we are His,  sealed by His Spirit- I wan't to live in this truth.  I so much don't want to miss what He has for me so that I can bring glory to Him.   
I will miss Mexico and the relationships especially with the teens in the Hope program.  I don't think I can clearly communicate how great Mexico was for me to use my talents in construction to serve the Lord.  To live this out brings so much excitement and passion in my life, and I pray I will have the opportunity to use these talents in Nigeria.  At first the day to day in Africa will be much different in Nigeria as we wait for funding to come in for the property development.   I'm sure that God is going to work on me in this area by pushing me to take confidence in Him, not my talents.  If you pray, please pray that I would trust God for new relationships and ministry opportunities.   Again, I don't want to miss what He might have for me.  


  1. My son and "daughter" I am so proud of you and your passion for Jesus. I will pray for you as you take this great step toward the next great adventure in your lives.

    Pop & Leenie

  2. You got it brother! I'll be praying. Glad I can walk on this journey with you this summer!! See you in July! :)

  3. John, thanks for the post! i know that as long as you submit the Lord will use you in ways beyond what you are capable of imagining for yourself! i have a picture of you in mexico with several little girls that i look at often (and no, not just because of your handsomness! -corrie, i am only kidding, haha!), but because it reminds me of a submissive heart and acting as God calls us to act, in whatever we do. it is apperant in the picture that you have such a love in your eyes for his children and i pray that you can fulfill this same love with the people in africa, no matter what you do! Take care but continue to be dangerous for chirst! -- kathryn gurley

  4. Eager to hear of your safe arrival in Jos.

  5. Love hearing your heart. We are lifting you up in prayer.