Saturday, February 28, 2009

an absence

Hey everyone,
We have officially moved in and with that came a tad bit of discouragement with the realization of the things we really don't have and the awareness of things we brought too much of (like our clothes, at least too many of the wrong things to wear)....
But, on the other hand, we have our own place and it feels good to be figuring out what life can look like for the Guckenberger family.  I have been in the word a lot and in the study it was talking about our circumstances around us are sometimes for us (which maybe that is a no brainer for you, but it is hitting me harder this week) and maybe living here will show me maybe more of what God created me to be, it might even unearth some things that are there that I might not even be aware of at all....  My hope and prayer is that with the loss of my conveniences I might find a different Corrie, a more selfless one I hope, and I can get encouraged and excited about that.
One last thought, with our move to our home, we currently do not have internet, but our hope is to get it in our home within the middle of next week.  So, you might not hear from us for a few days, but please pray as my house still feels like a house and not a home.    Please also pray for us to learn to live life without and know it is not only okay, but good because the truth is We REALLY do LOVE living here!!!
God Bless!


  1. Didn't they run cat5 cable over to your place from Munafo's ? Please is excited for you( i chuckled when I wrote that)
    Your Brother

    ps. tell John I said Hi and I miss him

  2. We miss you all too. Working hard on our airline arrangements which I hope will be in place next week. Love to you all, really excited about seing your new digs and sharing time with you.


    Dad & Eileen

  3. Did you notice you are up to 39 followers?

    Glad to hear that you are in your new HOME - yes, it will feel like a HOME soon :) . . . just break out some Lysol or something and John will be right at home. Oh I know - you need a candle, Corrie, maybe you brought one with the "things we brought too much of" if not, I wonder if Yankee Candle delivers? . . . hmmm!

    Love and prayers for you all!

  4. Corrie!! I miss you guys so much! I'm praying for y'all! Thank you so much for the blessing you are to my life!!
    Chelsea Dickey