Saturday, February 25, 2012

the typical normal

Hey world!

Feeling mellow today as I am just living this morning in "normal" mode. Went to the grocery store, picked up my daughter from her sleepover, made banana bread for my new neighbor and hanging out with my three children while my husband is at a conference...

Who would have thought that I would have a typical morning and thoroughly enjoy it.

Being a missionary in the USA is so different, but I know I have a ton to learn about it!

Friday, February 10, 2012

uncovered a different life lived

Hard to believe that one year ago, John and I knew we were leaving Jos, Nigeria Africa and started the process of packing up our life once again. Gosh, we were so tired...

Kenny, I loved him so much. He just became reunited with his mother.

But, months later, this now feels like home, Cincinnati, Ohio USA and the process of settling in is over and we are not tired (okay, well maybe on some days). Seeing the days and weeks behind us, I get so nervous that my memories will leave me of the days lived internationally.

Some dear friends that we worked with and rented our home from...

Friendships made, children loved on and a part of the family, ministry moving forward, characters being developed within each of us and the Lord showing me daily a bigger picture of who He is and how He provides for those He loves.

The village where we would go weekly and daily to see friends.

My prayer?- that I will continue to see who He is from another angle, another life being lived. Characters still being formed from under a sphere of convenience. His provisions showing themselves in different ways. I think I just need to open my eyes with a small tilt and see a more intentional way of living.

Where I bought my meat in Jos... over the counter service, wouldn't you say?

Truth is - ministry is here and it still needs to be moving forward. Friendships are forming with those who have no knowledge of Christ (a thought I cannot imagine) and children still need to be loved on and encouraged to believe the best in themselves as they start to really see how God sees them. Lies need to be removed and replaced with truth!

I can live this life and this is the one chosen for me. I can live it knowing my thoughts will become more vague of the past but my thoughts will become more clear of God. My eyesight at a tilt will become the eyesight of my daily. I can move forward today knowing this is the day the Lord has made!