Friday, January 17, 2014

What it is

The house is quiet on this early Friday morning.  The kids are still in bed due to no school, my husband is traveling for a long weekend with work and I just completed an excellent workout.  BUT, now I am nestled on my lounge couch and feel cozy.  I really enjoy mornings like this...  it allows space for the Lord to create His day in me.  It is His day, not mine...  I keep saying this to myself, surrendering my own will continually...  until they align, my agenda and the Lord's.  I enjoy this process...  it is a reminder that even though I am His daughter, saved for eternity... I am still a sinner and have so much to learn, to give, to offer, to join in on, to rest upon, to love, to laugh, to enjoy, to serve, to repent... and the list goes on.

BUT, I cannot wait to see what it is today...  what it is that He will have me be flexible with, what is it that He will have me stand firm on... what is it today that will make today unique from yesterday and tomorrow!  Not sure, but there will be something!

If anyone is out there, I pray you find your day expectant of what it is today that you will enter into that will call it unique!  I want to be open to the Lord doing something new!  I think this is a good beginning.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Regaining my First Love!

Good morning!  Here is the most recent family photo we have currently... we aren't the best at capturing each moment like I was in Africa...  I think maybe I should try to capture more memories so I don't forget... as I am prone to do.

Malachi 3:16 talks about a remnant of God's people writing a "scroll of remembrance" of what God had done...  I believe it is because we are prone to forget.  Forget the good, forget the Lord's hand and how many times he has given...  

I also just did a woman's retreat for a church here in Cincinnati and the whole theme was the idea of remembering where we have come from, not only spiritually, but within our own family trees.  Then taking a look at our lives currently and then projecting forward on purpose to live on purpose and to love on purpose and to repent on purpose...  it got me very excited for the 2014 year...

Since I am prone to forget, I want to share with this blog what my 2014 resolutions are... because the more I write them down, the more I will not forget.  I have been trying to write them down every other day, if not every day.  So far, it has been such a great reminder that God is faithful and I am HIS!

1. Be open to the Lord doing something new; pursue ministry with confidence
2. Speak less, listen more, pray more
3. Live with conviction; in honesty and people pleasing
4. Find God (this is really first); Regain my first love through repentance and faith

There you have it!  that last one gets me soooo excited for this next year!  I want to Find God not for any reason except I truly LOVE Him!!  

Okay, I actually have 3 other ones, but they are more "fleshly ones" that will impact all of me, but not needing to share here...  think money, exercise, etc... :)

Okay, well have a great day Finding your First Love and I will have a great day finding mine!