Friday, February 20, 2009

Wisdom and Discernment

Wisdom and Discernment... these two words are the first thing on my mind when I wake up and they haunt me as the day goes on and it is probably the last thing on my mind when I return to bed!  
It is new habit for me, to constantly be seeking the Lord at every moment with the daily task before me.  I am talking in every area too.  For example, I wake up and I pray for wisdom and discernment on what should I wear.  If I wear honestly what I want, I might get a better suntan, but most likely offend the people and culture around me.  So, I choose the better and energy is taken...  
Then I go to think about my kids schooling for the day and I pray for wisdom and discernment so they learn what they need to know for the test they need to take.  As I make those choices, energy leaves me a bit as it is new for me to be responsible for their learning. 
When we take a trip into town I pray for wisdom and discernment as to who we interact with and are they muslim/Christian, nice and just looking at us because we are very different looking or is there something else going on behind their faces that I just don't know yet?  
We go to our new home and I pray for wisdom and discernment as to which items on our "punchlist" (a word my husband taught me) should be taken care of first, what is more valuable...  personally, I want a super cute bedroom, one that feels safe and close and warm and inviting, but then I realize we should probably take care of things like a fridge, stove/oven and get some water in there, and again, energy slips by me again.
Wisdom and Discernment is prayed for each and every time we meet someone within the ministry as to the type of relationship this should take on, one of just frienship?  one with purpose?  one that is enjoyable?  Do I share real thoughts or just communicate what is safe and I know okay to share?  
When I blog or email, I pray for wisdom and discernment as to what is appropriate to share, do we share real needs?  do I share in a really "Christian way" -we all know what I mean by that right?  Do I share exactly what I am feeling and thinking?  
So many decisions in the day that used to be familiar and are no longer.  I realize that as today it takes energy from me to do so much seeking.......  "tomorrow" it will eventually become familiar and then it takes me to a place of wow, I really have stopped praying for wisdom and discernment in my everyday tasks....  A place honestly, I guess I don't want to be, right?  OR will it be something like what takes energy today because it is an effort, maybe "tomorrow" won't take energy because it has become a part of my daily Christ-like life?  That is what I want to happen......  That prayer and discernment become a part of what the make-up of Corrie Guckenberger really is..... and her whole family!  That is fun, huh?


  1. On this topic, dear one, you are not alone! We all need wisdom and discernment from the Father DAILY! For even here in the USA we have to make choices, and sometimes choosing "good" is not choosing "best."

    James 1 - I know you know this passage :)

  2. In our study we talked of the Holy Spirit can give us wisdom and discernment for things we are clueless about. It's supernatural. I'm praying this for you. Fight Satan's lies and cling to the truth. Thanks for all you share we no how to pray for you more. Norma and Vita say Hi.

  3. Thanks. We look forward to specific way we can help...


    Dad & Eileen

  4. I feel like I could read your blogs as a daily devotion/quiet time/challenge from the Lord. You are incredible. Thanks for being so real and raw with where you are at...but at the same time not only accepting where you are at in life, but considering it a joy and blessing to be there. You have such a great heart...

  5. i thought i had this figured out but my post from last night mysteriously dissapeared- what up?!!!
    so i was showing the fam your pics and paige was like...that's their kitchen? how do they cook stuff? she keeps wanting to see the picture again!!

    love you guys!!