Tuesday, February 9, 2010

stronger together

Today, the block boys created their first block. The reality was exciting on many accounts, one, it is happening. Two, now let's make it good. These men are great as they are all created so differently. Everyone brings something to the table and together it is a stronger team than individually it could have been. We are grateful as staff to have them here as well as these children who have been watching them work are grateful to have them to play with.

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  1. just wanted to comment on your blog while i'm in Nigeria :) maybe you should go comment on mine while i'm in Nigeria...

    Thanks for all the work you're doing for our group... I know it can be time-consuming to do all that reading and compiling and writing (although you did leave out something for this Thursday's journal entry that should not have been too difficult or painful to write even after all that other writing you did)...

    And I know it can be more stressful/intense/awkward to lead a debriefing session for a smaller group, but I think you are doing a wonderful and graceful job...

    John didn't even tell me to say that... (but he did tell me to say that about not saying that he said that)

    But seriously, thanks for all you are doing... You are doing a great job of watering the seeds that have been planted :)