Monday, January 18, 2010

my african rock

I wish every single one of you could at one point in your life, sit under this rock with me. It is, for me, the epitome of Africa. I sit under this massive boulder that looks like it could tip over at any moment and I overlook the village in which we minister. I feel wildly a part of what God is doing here and at the same time, I feel completely insignificant yet aware that I am a part, in a small way when I sit underneath the shadow of the african rock.

I have at different times seen village women seeking shelter under this rock during rain storms and also sitting under here seeking shelter from the sun. It is really beautiful in my eyes. When you come to visit I will take you to it personally, so you can experience it with me. I cannot wait!!


  1. Would love to sit with you under this rock. Seems very peaceful. Ha, like the perfect place to be instead of where I am right now :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. cor-
    i love all the pictures lately!! i imagine you under that rock listening to the patty griffin song i sent you...don't forget! i heard about upheaval at a church in jos yesterday - made me pray for your safety. miss you friend ;)