Friday, January 29, 2010

Josephine Dolls

This picture to the right is of a woman I have come to know and care for a lot and feel blessed to call her a friend. This woman's journey has not been an easy one. Her name is Josephine and when she was born she had polio so she walks with a walker. Then Josephine was orphaned as a child and then she married and had two beautiful children. Her husband has since passed away and now she is a widow. If you could meet her in person, you would see that she loves the Lord and her spirit is so beautiful! She provides for her two children by owning a little souvenir shop. We do bring groups to her hut when they are in town to help her business out. She is gifted at making dolls. I would say it is her specialty. We hired her for a fieldtrip this summer, and we took some children of one of the homes we work with. We all came to her shop and she put on a workshop to teach the kids about doll making and jewelry making. It was such a fun afternoon. I pray for her and hope as many of you can meet her and see her shop for yourselves. She is holding in her hand two rolls of magnets that my mom had bought her as a gift for me to bring back. SHE was SOOO thankful. You would have thought someone had just given her gold. I believe her enthusiasm, in part, was the idea that someone had not forgotten her and wanted to "contribute" to who she is and is becoming in the Lord. Again, I am grateful for this friendship.

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  1. Corrie!

    I LOVE what you've done with your blog lately! The new 'do' suites you and your fresh highlights shine God's glory through your re-telling of His people and your experiences!

    Thank you so much for being so committed to posting pictures and introducing us to Jos and your ministry! It's a blessing to meet your friends and know who and HOW to pray for them!