Thursday, January 21, 2010

this little piggy went to the market.....

I know it might seem strange to some that I am going on with my pictures while all is going on, but the truth is, you adapt to what is happening, you minister where the Lord is leading and then you move forward with it.....
So, this is me moving forward with some daily things. For the record, things have quieted down a ton here and we were able to go out and purchase some fruit and vegetables and go to a little version of a grocery store that they have here. We were not prepared on the food end for the conflict, so it is good having some supply back in our store/pantry again.

The picture above is literally of the market that we buy our fruit. If you have eaten fruit in our house, it was bought here. These men are fun and spirited and know me well. If I drive up they run up to the car and will bring some fruit to me. I usually prefer to check it out before they bring it because the quality never seems to be the same twice. But, the fruit is wonderfully ripe (I am trying to be positive whereas the reality is by the time they get it, it needs to be eaten that day or the next or it will go bad), and I enjoy this market once or twice a week. I come here because they receive some hard to get items that cannot be found elsewhere in this city, like occasionally grapes or strawberries. Outside of those two items, things are cheap on the fruit end. I just had myself a pineapple and it was delicious. I must go and turn off our generator. Please think of us the next time you eat any berry because they cannot be found here (again, outside of an occasional strawberry) and I miss them.
God Bless!


  1. Beautiful picture! It must be wonderful to have these relationships developing all around you as you quietly do God's work! I am glad things are settling down and continue to pray for peaceful resolution and for God's love to shine through!

    I was thinking about the Muslim/Christian conflict you're experiencing and in my mind it took me back to both the Old and New Testament stories of conflict .... the Israelites conquering the Promised Land; the social, political, and physical fighting between the Jews, Samaritans, Pharisees, Romans.

    Here in the US we are so removed from the possibility that the SAME persecution continues today and will continue until Christ returns.

    Your family, Back2Back, your missionary groups, are all tremendous hands and feet in the body of Christ. Moreover, the ability to love through the eyes of Christ is what turns their hearts to the Father!

  2. I know this is a random thought but I keep thinking we are in the end times (related to the conflict going on there and other parts of the world. Miss you Corrie. I want you to go run with me....and pray.

  3. I wish I could put some berries in my suitcase for you, I don't they'd make it!! The kids and I have been praying for you all!! Love you!

  4. remember how surprised julianna was when we made the blueberry muffins?! and seeing this picture makes me want to eat guacomole with you again;)

    still praying for you guys!!