Friday, January 15, 2010

some close by pictures

These three pictures just represent our street right outside of our gate. Actually one is of one of our guards (Hosea) and the guard shack they stay in while they are working for us. It is of meager means however they like that it has "light". They are grateful.
The other two pictures are right outside of our gate, one is as if you were looking directly to the left and the other is as if you were looking directly to the right. It can kind of give you a feel as to what our neighborhood looks like. It is not uncommon to see random cattle and goats feeding off of whatever remains (garbage and weed/grass) are in the road.
Enjoy a virtual (but not really) look into our road area....
I am going to try tomorrow to show you pictures of inside our house so you can imagine sitting at my kitchen table.
See you tomorrow.


  1. I hope I finally can post a comment. Thanks for sharing the photoes, cannot wait to see the inside of your home.