Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, we as a family, are sitting in the Frankfurt airport, waiting for our next flight.  We just flew 8 or so hours from Nigeria, over the Sahara Desert into Germany.  I found myself full of thought as we were leaving.  
This was the longest we have ever been away from the USA.  Even when living in MX, we would at least make a trip to TX.  It is a strange thing.  I actually found myself liking Africa more while flying away.  I bet that is pretty typical, it always looks better when you are not in it, right?
But, I was reminded that living in Africa is living my dream.  I think there have been three things that I have felt the Lord calling me to and living in Africa and touching the dirt was and is one of them.  So, flying away from it, I feel blessed and I think that is part of God's plan.  Reminding me of what He is doing there so I will desire to return in six weeks.
God is soooo wise.....
See hopefully some of you soon.
God Bless and Happy December.

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