Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"it" happened

SO, this morning, it finally happened.  I wake up and I see Sarah (my oldest) wearing my shirt to go to school.  Since when was she able to fit into my clothes???  So, she then proceeded to ask, "I wonder what other clothes would fit me mom?"  Ughhh.... She wouldn't have even known except my mom who is here visiting with us was folding our laundry (which I am grateful) and she thought the shirt was Sarah's so she put it into her pile.   I cannot believe I have a child old enough to wear my clothes.  Sami (my youngest) started taking my hair things about a year ago, but that was different, not clothing.... is anything sacred anymore to a mother?  As I write this though I think about how cute my two girls are and how much I love them and I just want to smile.
Also, today, we had four nigerians over for lunch and we just took some time to tell them how much they have become like second family to us and how grateful we are that their lives intertwined with ours.  It was our Christmas with them before we leave.  It brought such joy to have them sit with us at our table.  We laughed over Christmas traditions (one of the men's villages has a huge wrestling tornament) and told them we would miss them but will be glad to return in January.  It was just good and I am thankful.
Thanksgiving is tomorrow and a few of us as Americans are getting together and making a big Thanksgiving banquet.  My parents are here which will feel somewhat normal, but the rest of it will be "let's take it as it comes".  But, as we are packing up to go back home real soon, I cannot help but look back over the last ten months and feel every bit thankful for what God has done inside of me, to my family and our circumstances.  What we once took for granted are now special occasions and what we once overlooked we now see with new vision and appreciation.  It truly is a time to be thankful.  I pray for all of you to have a blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. Is John really in barefeet in this photo? What happened?

  2. avs is wearing my clothes all the time too, weird, huh? sometimes she throws on my boots...still to big for her.. and she really looks like a teenager. my, how time flies!!

  3. You guys got a couch!!! Horray. I'm going to crash on it some day soon.