Friday, November 20, 2009

too much going on in the background

These are some of the women in the bible study this past fall.  There are three ladies missing that I wish I could have in this picture, but it was a great study of the Psalms.  We have completed it and will resume in the spring or late winter.  I am already excited about the next study....
Today is John's birthday.  He is finally my age (we go through this every year, my oldness compared to his young spryness).  We have made his favorite chocolate chip cookies as his cake and we will celebrate tonight with the kids and my parents.
Here is the thing::::::  There is music going on in the background and my parents are talking to John and there is just too much for me to sit here and blog about something real.  The truth is I have been heavy of heart lately and I don't know why and I had lots to say about it, but another time.
Just know, we leave in a week to return to the States for about 5 weeks or so and there is much to do to prepare: kids homework assignments, ministry closings, hosting, cleaning, packing, lots of closure things basically.  We look forward to our time home, yet I cannot help but think it will be a "full" schedule, which is okay as long as the people I cherish feel the cherishment (is that even a word?) from me.  
Well, I must sign out, thanks for the listening mind....
God Bless,


  1. Long periods of your undivided attention is what speaks cherishment to me. No pressure.
    Please tell john Happy Birthday
    Your awesome Brother,

  2. Oh Corrie, I'm sorry your heart has been heavy...I'll be praying for you and all the prep you have to do!

    Tell John I said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" Wasn't Sami's recently as well? Tell her I said it too;)

    Miss you guys!

    See you soon!