Monday, November 2, 2009


So this morning, John and I got up to run, as usual, and it was absolutely beautiful outside.  On one side of us was the moon and on the other side of us was the sun coming up.  Absolutely breathtaking.  Rainy season is gone (which was declared at church on Sunday, which kind of makes me chuckle) and the Harmatan is upon us.  The Harmatan is the season where the Sahara desert winds come blowing into town, basically.  
Anyway, during this season, it is super windy and cloudless and just an overall good temperature.  At first, while running, it was nice, a cool breeze, cool temperatures and it was great.  Well, after awhile, that cool breeze felt like a ton of bricks and the cooler temperatures just felt clammy to me.  What started out as a taste of freedom ended up being a burden to run in.
It was funny to me as I was aware of this thought going on in my mind about how fickle I can be and how much it can parrallel our spiritual life.  What maybe feels like freedom at first, you know, being in a different decision-making mode - tired of the same old routine, so you choose to spice it up a bit with some wrong choices.... but it feels nice because the wind is in our hair, and this view is so beautiful....  Does this strike a chord with anybody?  BUT, the truth is, after awhile, that view becomes a burden and now there is sand in your teeth and you cannot breathe because your nose is clogged and you are tired and crabby because of this irritating Harmatan winds.... ughhh....  It never pays to go against God, even in the Christian sense, when He leads us somewhere but we really don't want to reach out to that person or take that much time for that commitment, etc...  I am sure all of us can name our area/s that we choose to go our own way.  
On one hand, the Harmatan winds intrigue me that I am actually experiencing the Sahara desert sands in my living room, on the other hand, I can get pretty annoyed, pretty quickly with the little sands everywhere.  Interesting, living in Africa with their different seasons verses Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.....

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