Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stepping Up

Good Morning!
This morning I have 9 other ladies coming over for our 5th week of Bible study.  We are studying the bible study by Beth Moore, Stepping Up.  It is a study based on the 15 Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120 - 134).  The truth is I wasn't looking forward to studying the Psalms but I had a shorter time frame to have this study since John and I and the kids are going home in Dec. and I needed a shorter one verses her traditional 10 week.  Anyway, so this was chosen.  At first I enjoyed it but wasn't "feeling" it.  But I tell you what these past couple of weeks have been amazing for me.  
The Lord is really revealing things to me and I am amazed at how I choose something out of convenience but the Lord was still guiding my ways.  OR, does it not matter when studying Scripture because Scripture is the Living Word and I will always have a ton to learn , no matter which "study" I choose.  I guess it doesn't really matter because what does matter is that I am moving forward with my intimacy and walk with Christ.  For that I am grateful.
Please pray, the ladies that are in this study, for the most part, are the same ones from the last one and I truly desire to walk through life with these ladies and go "a mile deep" verses a mile wide with lots of ladies.  There are years and generations of sin and misunderstandings brought to the table every week and it overwhelms me.  I think it is what the Lord wants and it brings him glory, but it is strange for me to be soooo out of my understanding.  It is like them bringing their stuff to the table ultimately ends up revealing my stuff and having it brought to the table as well.  All good and if there is any eternal change in any of us, it by God's grace and His alone.  I just know that I am learning that the more I am sooooo out of my understanding, the more opportunities for God to show up and be my Saviour.  I think it is so cool that He can work that way and yet so oddly strange that He does at the same time.
Anyway, please pray..... and thanks for your prayers.... they show up in one hour..... yikes!

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