Monday, November 23, 2009

village church

I wish there was an easy way to describe the village church we go to here in Jos.  It is neighboring to our future compound site and I just love it.  If there was no other reason to come to Africa (however, we really know there are several reasons to visit.....), worshiping with the village people on a Sunday morning, is reason enough.  It is amazing!
John and I first decided to attend there because that location and those people will be our focus as a ministry and sometimes if I don't create reasons to get out there and be with these villagers, I might not get there to the extent I need.  Anyway, so we started attending and our experiences only grow and increase in understanding, excitement, and overwhelmingness (I know, probably not a real word) of how many ways to worship God there are.  There are some pictures here that I have attached that show the humble exterior and interior of this precious church.  Oh, and the other picture is just of a squatty potty that was used by yours truly while at a borehole (clean water well) ceremony.  Someone else was with me and experienced the same thing, but SHE will remain that picture is just for fun!
Anyway, they have a youth choir, a children's choir and a woman's choir and they are all  how you imagine a village church being (lots of instruments, joy, lots of singing, standing and dancing, etc...).  The woman's choir just went to a women's fellowship retreat and there was a competition for worship and style of dance and our little humble church in the middle of Jos, won first prize (I told you they were good).  It has been a joy to worship alongside these men and women.  I really am gaining a deeper understanding of the culture by our Sunday service attendance, they translate the sermon for us, which is kind.  I have a richer context to pull from when the Old and New Testament talk about harvesting and borrowing/lending and the "Good Samaritan" with division within tribes and people groups.  I also have a deeper understanding of what my own prejudices have taught me to believe is right and wrong.  
I am growing to love and I am growing to hope for a people that I had no idea existed (in reality anyway) before moving here.  I like the idea of changing and internally growing, but it can be so frustrating at times.
Either way, my eyes are being opened and my vision is getting stronger and I am learning to use squatty pottys.  Can I hear an AMEN?!


  1. WoooHoooo (Squatty Potty)and AMEN!

  2. i loooooove the squatty potty! my favorite! :)