Sunday, November 15, 2009

life keeps moving

So today John is in Abuja, he dropped off our friends, Mary and her dad and another new friend, Scott.  Now, he has picked up my parents and they are on their way home as I write this.  I haven't seen my parents for about 10 months or so and I cannot wait for them to see our life here, firsthand.  
This is the end of our first season of living here.  We leave with my parents for a short (or at least it is appearing shorter and shorter) trip home.  There is lots to do here and lots to do at home.  It can overwhelm me if I stop to think about it, but that is my nature....easy to become overwhelmed.  I am learning to just absorb today as it comes and then settle on tomorrow, tomorrow.  
I am starting to process (more than usual anyway) my first ten months here, and trying to really figure out what it is that God is doing in me and what He is doing in my family and what He is doing here in Nigeria.  I am starting to see a list forming of things learned, things pruned, things working through, etc...  I think it is good to truly debrief seasons and moments.  It is far too easy for me to move forward without learning what needed to be learned in that time.  I do want to become different because of living here in Jos.  I know I have, but I want to experience the change to the fullest.  Maybe when I see some of you when we get home, you will see it.  Maybe if you do see it, let me know, whether it is for the good or for the bad, because I want to be aware....
I can tell you one of the bad changes in me and I am not sure what to do with it.  My family, in general, growing up, has always enjoyed food.  I like to think about what the next meal is and what my friends are making for their meals, etc...   It has always been a focal point, to a fault.  Well, just thinking about going home, I am already forming a list of things I want to make sure I eat before returning back here.  I am not kidding you when I say food isn't easy or yummy here (ok, this is an exageration).  Isn't that crazy that I am even mentioning it on my blog?  It is, I know it is....  SOOOO, there you have it, my little secret about going back to the USA....  I am, as of right now, going to give it to the Lord and then keep giving it because I know gluttony is a sin.  Ughhhh.....
Anyway, I am excited for my parents to be here.  I must go because they will be here in about three hours.  YAHOO!!

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  1. hey good news... i went to school to fulfill people's wishes for food. so i dont want to feed your sin BUT i do cater (and free of charge for you!) so if you want somethings specific let me know and i will make sure it gets taken care of ;) praying for your time with your parents!