Monday, December 14, 2009

He never changes

Good Morning! I am just sitting in the house while it is super quiet and enjoying the moment of serenity. It continues to be a good visit back, seeing lots of family and friends. It amazes me how time shows itself to move forward quickly and then at other moments, things haven't really changed much at all. For example, people still work out and watch their money and their waistlines, they still desire to buy Christmas gifts for others and still want to connect in relationships. I am still the same in this as well. But then time has moved forward so much in what is out there..... music, shows, movies, gadgets, anything with the little "i" in front of it. Here, I am out of the loop completely and that is a weird sensation. I wouldn't have said I cared a ton about theses items before but not having a clue about it now seems so "old fashioned". Not sure what to do with that thought, but it is out there.
I cannot tell you how much I have grown to understand the significance of the Lord never changing. He is the same today, yesterday and forevermore. That was a good thing to "learn" when I was younger, but as I grow into someone different maybe than before and/or realize that I cannot keep up with how quickly things evolve, I truly take comfort in the idea that God never changes and He wants me to keep up with Him. He desires for me to look to Him when I feel old fashioned or when I am weary or discouraged. He will not change. He will not leave me nor will He forsake me. I won't be left behind, not by him. He will always run after me. There is comfort in that thought for me, as an insecure 37 1/2 year old. Will there ever be an age where there will not be some insecurity awaiting me around the corner? Will I ever feel caught up on technology and entertainment? Do I want to be caught up on all that? Maybe in some ways I do, but ultimately I want to be caught up with Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith. The Alpha and Omega, my Savior and friend.
Have a great day! I need to go, I am meeting someone for coffee.

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  1. I wish we could be one the friends you are catching up with. Enjoy the coopers if you get to see them. Are you going to Fl? We miss you a lot.