Wednesday, May 25, 2011

permanently temporary

Well, we are officially moving to our permanently temporary home this weekend. As a family, we are all excited for the final phase of our transition process.

Okay, so I just tried uploading the photo to this blog and no matter where I live, I am still not savvy in computer technology. SO, no picture. Sorry.

Either way, my sister-in-law is coming in town this weekend (we are currently staying in her house) and we are going to stay to be with her and then on Monday.... officially start sleeping there.

Today has been good. I am studying idolatry in my life. While thinking about moving, I am trying to daily and momently give to the Lord the desire to have..... to have a couch.... to have a home.... to have a something cute and quaint.... None of these things are bad and I realize that... but what is ironic is sometimes when you don't have, you can idolize... and want.... and think it is "right" for you to have and want.

Ughhh.... anyway, so while transition can be hard, it forces the moment by moment need for Christ and also the awareness that in Him I am sufficient and all my needs are met.

Okay, on another side note... wow, I become really random without focus, huh?
My kids have been doing Bible with me over the last few weeks and I just gave them a test over Titus. They can, if asked, tell me the two major themes of this book of the Bible and tell me the difference between rebellious men and overseers and elders. It has been fascinating to me to see their ability to pick things up so quickly....

Have a great day.

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  1. corrie, i love the title of your post "permanently temporary", its funny that this morning i probably needed to hear that message. in those 2 words a message that we are not in a permanent home it is only temporary. i think that we all forget that while we are here, temporarily moving from one place to another, we forget. so thank you, for this 2 word message.
    theresa valliant