Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hey there to the perfect world

Hi everyone,
Here are just some random photos of my family. We went 4 wheeling while in NC and I have decided that I enjoy most being outside: hiking, picnicing, smelling the flowers and just feeling the breeze. It has been gross here and so I am missing the outdoors, but I know it won't be much longer.
In my fairy tale world of perfectness (meaning money isn't an issue and neither are my character flaws) I would like to live in a home in the middle of tons of land and then I would make my own garden and work the land. Yes, in this world, I don't get tired of picking weeds. In this world, we have the funds to buy a 4 wheeler and own about 30 acres.

Do you ever find your thoughts going to your world of perfectness? Because people would come to this property and feel loved and welcomed and eventually know Christ (if they didn't already) in a real way. It would be people's moment of peace before they enter their life again.

Oh well. have a great day. Enjoy the day we do have, perfect or not.


  1. I love it Corrie I would have to come visit your perfect world because it sounds...well Perfect!

  2. HUmmmmm looks like your whole family. at least the ones fit enough for a Christmas photo.

  3. Love keeping up with your family even if it is from afar. Your posts are awesome to read because I see your heart. Love from all of us. The Paynes