Tuesday, May 4, 2010

new stint housing

Good Morning!! I have pictures this morning of the finished (well almost) stint housing. This is the renovation that was being done behind our house to fit our two new stinters (which are the one year term staff, considered short term). I meant to have this yesterday but we have not had working internet until late last night. So, here they are! I am aware that most of you will not care too much about the individual pictures, but I promised the people moving in (which are my parents) that I would show them so they could see them, along with some other people. So, I hope you can picture their place just a bit better. I personally think it is cute, small but quaint....

The picture above is when you are walking behind our house you enter their courtyard. Isn't it cozy? I love it!!
This is their front porch, pretty much right in front of the front door.
The new living room/dining room. It is obviously missing their personal touch, but they can add when they arrive to make it "their" home.
Okay, the little kitchen. This is going to be a stretch for whomever lives here, whether it be my parents or the next stinters, but the cabinets come in tomorrow and I think it will help.
Front door. Doesn't it just say, "Welcome and come in and sit awhile"
Their bedroom. It is missing a bed. This is also supposed to come in tomorrow. I hope these things really do arrive because it will be hard to not have it complete. But, we are praying.
Here is a picture of the new laundry room that we will all share. It is also our guards kitchen. So, it is tiny, but a lot has fit in there.

I guess that is it really. I didn't want to bore anyone with a picture of their bathroom, plus I didn't want to scare my parents off before they arrive (which is Thursday). Overall, it is complete and I think John did a great job. We have learned a lot about building here with this project (and by the way, when I say "we" I really mean John). We are very excited to have my parents come serve with us for the next year as my kids are excited to have their grandparents around as well. Pray for their safe travel as they leave the USA today and arrive here tomorrow.


  1. I loved the pics!

    GOOD job, John

  2. John,

    You are so gifted. Talk about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear! The new digs are beautiful. I'm sure Corrie's folks will love it. They are in our prayers as they travel today toward their next adventure! Love to all of you.

  3. It's simple, beautiful, Africa...